Bill Murray Wishes Red Sox Fans Would Be ‘Gracious Losers’ Again

'They're unbearable fans, something really changed with them.'

Diehard Chicago Cubs lover Bill Murray couldn’t help but throw some shade at Red Sox fans while talking baseball with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday.

The actor stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! during the show’s trip to Brookyln this week, and he traded jabs with the late-night host, who happens to be a fan of the New York Mets—the team that’s currently dominating the Cubs in the playoffs.

While the ridiculously dressed Murray was optimistic about his team eventually winning a World Series title, he thinks the Chicago fandom will lose some of its personality if the curse is ever broken. The Ghostbusters star thinks it would be similar to a change he’s seen with Red Sox fans since the team started winning championships (except for this year, of course).

“The Boston Red Sox used to be the most gracious losers. I was always impressed by how gracious they were in defeat,” Murray said. “Then they won a couple of World Series, and now they’re unbearable. They’re just unbearable fans and something really changed with them. I don’t know, they’re just a little different. And it’s sort of natural. It’s like being famous. I hope the Cubs fans don’t do that.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Murray has taken a shot at Red Sox Nation.

Over the summer, the actor also called Boston fans unbearable while throwing out the first pitch at a Martha’s Vineyard Sharks game—a team Murray co-owns, by the way.

“You guys used to be such good losers and now you’re unbearable,” he told the Cape Cod Times. “You’re just bad winners.”

At least that’s not as bad as what he called the St. Louis Cardinals while appearing at a golfing event earlier this year.

“The hated Cardinals, Satan’s messengers on Earth,” Muray said.

Check out Murray’s interview with Kimmel above.