Bernie Sanders Shows Off His Larry David Impression on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It was 'pretty, pretty, pretty good.'

Bernie Sanders continued his late night tour this week as the Democratic presidential hopeful stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night.

The wildly popular Vermont senator, who’s prickly demeanor seems to be thawing out with each talk show appearance, once again reaffirmed his approval of Larry David’s impression of him on Saturday Night Live.

This time, however, Sanders decided to imitate the comedian by quoting his famous line from HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

“I thought it was pretty, pretty, pretty good,” Sanders said of the SNL skit while doing his best David impression.

Check out the hilarious segment above.

While the presidential candidate had some fun with Jimmy Kimmel, he did get serious on a number of topics.

The late night host grilled Sanders over his electability, considering he’s going head-to-head with Hillary Clinton and is a self-described socialist.

The senator kept his cool and succinctly explained why his campaign in the real deal.

“When Republicans win—God forbid—when they win, Jimmy, voter turnout is very low,” Sanders said. “We have a real grassroots campaign and, I believe, that if I am the Democratic nominee, you’re going to see voter turnout go way up. I think we’re going to win the White House.”

“Our job is not just to defeat Republicans,” Sanders added. “Our job is to revitalize American democracy, bring people who’ve given up on the political system back into the system and create a government that represents them rather than large campaign donors.”

If that wasn’t enough to win over the crowd, Sanders also opened up about his stance towards marijuana legalization.

Citing issues with the prison system and the war on drugs, the Vermont senator said he hopes to reform America’s pot policies.

“I think we have got to end the war on drugs,” Sanders said. “I am not unfavorably disposed to moving toward the legalization of marijuana.”