Mark Wahlberg Shows Off His Muscles, Breaks Down Fitness Routine on Ellen

Did you really think he was chowing down on Wahlburgers every day?

Mark Wahlberg is a pretty fit dude, in case you haven’t noticed.

The Boston-bred actor can still pump some iron even at the ripe old age of 44, which he proved once again on Thursday’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The talk show host convinced Wahlberg to show off his muscles by challenging him to a 30-second pull-up contest for charity. The former Calvin Klein poster boy went beast mode and banged out 22 repetitions in the time frame while raising $25,000 for breast cancer research.

Check out the impressive feat in the video above.

Not only did Wahlberg give viewers a taste of his fitness abilities, but he also broke down his intense, daily workout and diet routine.

The actor said he wakes up at 3 a.m. every morning to make himself a healthy breakfast before hitting the weights.

“I wake up at three, I go down to the kitchen and make myself egg whites, Ezekiel bread, almond butter with a little avocado,” Wahlberg said. “I go downstairs, I workout for about an hour with my buddy Jonathan.”

After the workout, Wahlberg said he drinks a shake and puts together his food to go for the day, which consists of a turkey burger (Wahlburgers brand we assume), a salad, and some sweet potatoes. The Ted star then hits the golf course for a few hours before he spends a little “alone time” with his wife.

“I’m in bed by 7 p.m. and my wife thinks I’m an old, boring [man],” Wahlberg said.

Since DeGeneres is celebrating Cat Week on her show, Wahlberg decided to open up about being a cat owner, which has be a rough gig because the actor and his son Michael are both allergic to felines.

Wahlberg blames the animal loving ladies in life for filling his house with cat hair.

“The girls in the house don’t seem to care,” Wahlberg joked.