No Dad Bod for Mark Wahlberg in New Daddy’s Home Trailer

He's looking pretty buff.

The latest trailer for Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming comedy Daddy’s Home hit the web this week and the Boston-bred actor seems to be as buff as ever.

While his co-star Will Ferrell may not be a stranger to the dad bod look, don’t count on seeing Wahlberg turn into a slouch anytime soon.

The local star stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week and was goaded into showing off his fit physique by the talk show host. Not only did he break down his daily diet and exercise routine for DeGeneres, but Wahlberg also obliterated a pull-up contest for charity by banging out 22 repetitions in less than 30 seconds.

That’s pretty impressive for a 44-year-old father of four.

Maybe he picked up some tips from Dwayne Johnson when they worked on Pain & Gain together.

Daddy’s Home hits theaters on December 25.