Tom Brady Pulling a Willy Wonka This Halloween Season

The Patriots star is teaming up with a local candy company for a Wonka-style scavenger hunt.

Tom Brady Photo By UnReal

Tom Brady Photo By UnReal

Tom Brady is getting into the Halloween spirit this year by channeling his inner Willy Wonka.

The Patriots quarterback is teaming up with Boston-based, organic candy company UnReal to surprise lucky shoppers with goodies hidden inside buckets of treats.

While fans probably won’t get a chance to win a golden ticket to meet an Oompa Loompa in the flesh, Brady has concealed a few surprises in over 50 Halloween buckets at Whole Foods stores across Massachusetts and New England. The secret prizes include autographs from the Patriots star with a message that reads, “Everything is possible.”

Donning a skull mask to trick unsuspecting shoppers, Brady recently snuck into a Whole Foods in Boston to hide his first of many surprises. He posted a video of the trip on Facebook last weekend.

According to a press release, 22 people have already found Brady’s hidden treats, and many stores have already sold out of the Halloween buckets.

UnReal says that they will be shipping additional buckets to various Whole Foods in New England this week, which will also include more secret prizes from the Patriots star.

Hopefully there won’t be a Willy Wonka-style frenzy for the remaining goodies.