Mark Wahlberg Admits to Stealing Candy from Kids on Halloween

'You go and you snatch everybody's bags and hope you don't get hit with too many eggs.'

When it comes to trick-or-treating on Halloween, Mark Wahlberg was more of a trickster while growing up in Boston.

During a phone interview with the Dan Patrick Show on Friday morning, the actor admitted to stealing candy from kids on the ghoulish holiday, in addition to bragging about his Patriots’ latest win.

The Hollywood star said he used to wear an impromptu ninja mask made out of a T-shirt as he robbed the unsuspecting children.

“You go and you snatch everybody’s bags and hope you don’t get hit with too many eggs,” Wahlberg said.

The Dorchester native told Patrick that he was never arrested on Halloween, although he did cause quite a bit of mayhem on the holiday as a youth.

Wahlberg recalled buying—as well as stealing—eggs which he would then let rot before tossing them at people around the neighborhood.

“We’d either steal eggs or buy eggs two weeks in advance and leave them outside to rot so they could be as nasty as possible,” Wahlberg said.”You’d freeze a couple and you’d just go to war with rival neighborhood kids.”

Check out Wahlberg’s full interview in the clip below.