Gisele Says She’s ‘Not Just the Sexy Woman’ in New Coffee Table Book

She says fans will get to see more than just her 'sex bomb' side.

Gisele Bündchen’s new coffee table book is set to be released this month and she wants fans to know that they’ll be seeing more than just her sexy side.

The supermodel recently stopped by Tea at the Beatrice, a fashion show for the Apple TV network Made to Measure, to talk about her upcoming book with host Glenn O’Brien. In a clip for the episode, Bündchen explains that the collection of photos from her historic career will include many characters that don’t exactly fit in with her “sex bomb” persona.

“I think what you see in the book is the different characters that I got to play,” Bündchen says. “It’s not just one woman. It’s not just the sexy woman. Yeah, she’s there too, but there’s thousands of different women in there.”

Bündchen also says that her goal during photoshoots was to give a part of herself to the various different characters in order to fit in with the images the photographers and designers were trying to create.

“That’s the fun part! I don’t think it’s all of me,” she says. “It’s parts of me. I just gave a little bit of myself to each of those characters.”

In another clip from the show, O’Brien asks the fashion icon to describe what she does for a living, and she surprisingly doesn’t go with a quick or funny answer like “supermodel” or “Tom Brady’s style coach.” Instead, she offers up a more nuanced perspective on her work.

“It’s been a pretty fun ride the last 20 years,” Bündchen says. “I got to take some pictures, meet pretty interesting people, and travel the world, and just experience different things in life. That’s what I do.”