Here’s How Designer Kelly Did on the Project Runway Finale

Was the Massachusetts contestant able to take the crown?

Kelly Dempsey Photo by Barbara Nitke /  Lifetime

Kelly Dempsey Photo by Barbara Nitke / Lifetime

Warning: this post contains spoilers.

Massachusetts designer Kelly Dempsey and the rest of the Project Runway season 14 finalists got to show off their New York Fashion Week collections on Thursday night’s finale.

After stopping by her Springfield home with Tim Gunn on last week’s episode, Dempsey got a little help from the co-host as she put the finishing touches on her outfits. He made a quick shopping trip for the designer and picked up 20 pounds of her favorite item: glitter.

“Just bedazzle the living day lights out of it,” Gunn said at one point.

Dempsey was all smiles once she got the greenlight from Gunn to lay on the glitter with her collection.

“You don’t have to tell me to go bananas because I will go bananas, apples, and oranges,” she said.



Following some last minute adjustments, it was time for the designers’ big day.

Dempsey was the first one up to show off her collection to the judges and the New York fashion Week crowd. Singer Carrie Underwood was also on hand as the finale’s celebrity guest judge.

Complete with bedazzled headphones and fanny packs, Dempsey said her outfits were inspired by “Studio 54 and new-age streetwear.”

The fun yet chic collection ended up impressing host Heidi Klum as well as judges Zac Posen and Nina Garcia.

“Your brand is fun,” Posen said after the runway show. “A little flashy, a little trashy.”

Garcia said she liked Dempsey’s outfits because they showcased her unique voice. Underwood also enjoyed her fearless approach to fashion.

“You are not afraid,” she said. “Just fun, funky. I love the textures.”

While the judges seemed to love the Massachusetts contestant’s work, sadly, it wasn’t enough to take the crown.

Kelly from the deli did make it into the top two, however, she was narrowly edged out by Ashley Tipton. The season 14 winner ended up making Project Runway history by winning with a plus-size collection.

Dempsey was clearly bummed when she had to break the news to her family backstage, but hey, second place isn’t too shabby.

If you can’t wait to get your next Project Runway fix, don’t worry. Next week will be the debut of the show’s Junior edition and two of the contestants are from Massachusetts, so there’s still a chance someone can bring a crown back to the Bay State.