Three Questions with Piff the Magic Dragon

The comedy magician and his chihuahua assistant Mr. Piffles are performing in Boston.

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- Episode 1008 -- Pictured: Piff the Magic Dragon -- (Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/NBC)

Piff the Magic Dragon Photo by Eric Liebowitz / NBC

After becoming a breakout star on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, off-the-wall magician Piff the Magic Dragon and his assistant Mr. Piffles are set to take Boston by storm this weekend.

The British performer—who likes to perform tricks while he and his dog are dressed as dragons—has been dazzling fans around the world with his comedy infused magic for years and is ready to bring the laughs to town.

Piff, who’s real name is John van der Put, already seems to be a hit among locals as many of his shows at Laugh Boston have already sold out. Don’t worry too much, though, as the magician and his magical chihuahua will be extending their stay through Sunday.

Check out what he has to say about his performing pooch, his thoughts on Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, and more.

Why did you bring Mr. Piffles into your act?

I got Mr. Piffles when I was performing in the Edinburgh Festival in 2009, and I just thought, “Well this act needs a gimmick.” So I got a magic performing chihuahua.

You integrate a lot of comedy into your magic act, sort of like Penn and Teller. How much influence did they have on you?

I’ve been hanging out with them within the last four years or so and we became buddies because I did a show called Fool Us in the UK, which is a magic show. After that they got in touch and we became friends through that. Before that it was people like Amazing Johnathan and a guy in the UK called Jerry Sadowitz, those are sort of the comedy magicians who influenced me.

Since you and Mr. Piffles dress up as dragons, what do you think of Khaleesi on Game of Thrones?

Khaleesi, she’s a bit of a MILF for dragons.

Piff the Magic Dragon and Mr. Piffles are performing at Laugh Boston now through Sunday, November 15.