Aerosmith Hiatus Is a Blessing in Disguise for Brad Whitford

The guitarist has some big plans in the works, despite Aerosmith being on ice.

Fans were understandably disappointed when Brad Whitford revealed in a recent interview that Aerosmith would not be going on tour in 2016.

The Massachusetts-born guitarist told Billboard that the band felt “abandoned” by singer Steven Tyler, who decided against hitting the road with his longtime crew in order to focus on his solo album plans.

Whitford, who performs at the Wilbur Theatre on Tuesday night with Derek St. Holmes, is still a bit disappointed with Tyler’s decision and isn’t quite sure what the future holds for Aerosmith.

“He changed his mind and it kind of blindsided us a little bit, so I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Whitford told Boston magazine. “It’s just so disappointing because he’s my brother and I kind of feel like he let me down a little bit. But I love him to death.”

It may be a while until fans get to see Aerosmith back on stage, but the hiatus looks to be a blessing in disguise for Whitford.

The guitarist is once again teaming up with St. Holmes for their second collaboration, Reunion (their first, a self-titled album, came out back in 1981), and they’ll be touring the country together to promote its early 2016 release.

Not only is Whitford excited to reunite with the guitarist, who has been a longtime player for Ted Nugent, but he’s also working on some big plans with fellow Aerosmith bandmate Joe Perry and his supergroup Hollywood Vampires.

“We’re trying to arrange to tour together next year,” Whitford said. “You would see Whitford/St. Holmes and Joe’s band on the same bill, which would be my dream to have that happen.”

The mega tour would be a pretty big deal, considering Perry’s current crew also features Black Mass actor Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper as members.

While it would be tough for Depp and Cooper to play extensively on the potential tour due to their other commitments, Whitford says fans should expect some form of Hollywood Vampires to join them on the road.

“It might be not exactly the same because Johnny, of course, has all kinds of commitments, and Alice has tours and stuff,” Whitford said. “So we’ll wait and see.”

For now, Whitford is happy to just have the creative freedom to pursue musical endeavors outside of the expectations Aerosmith fans have for him and is excited to show the world his new album with St. Holmes.

“This is the ultimate creative outlet for me, because there’s no one telling me what to do. I’m able to do what I want to do,” Whitford said. “For a musician, you can’t ask for anything better.”

Whitford/St. Holmes performs at the Wilbur Theatre on Tuesday, November 17.