Game of Thrones Author George R. R. Martin ‘Crushed’ After Patriots Win

'Life is miserable and full of pain.'

After treating fans with all of those twists and turns on Game of Thrones, you’d think George R. R. Martin would be used to seeing a surprise ending on a Sunday night.

However, when it comes to football, the author and noted New York Giants fan was not happy with the shocking comeback victory by Tom Brady and the Patriots over their NFC rivals this past weekend. To make matters worse, Martin is also a fan of the New York Jets, who suffered a pretty tough defeat earlier in the week to the Buffalo Bills.

The author took to his LiveJournal account (yes, apparently people still use LiveJournal) to express how “crushed” he was over his teams’ recent losses in a post on Monday.

The victories were right there for the taking. So close I could taste them. But no, instead I had to choke down bitter defeats. What’s worse, both teams lost the games in THE SAME WAY, with truly inexplicable play-calling when the game was on the line. Deep inside the opponents’ territory, the goal line just a few feet ahead, the clock running down… all the Jets needed to do, all the G-Men needed to do, was RUN RUN RUN the ball, wind down the clock, make the opponent burn his final timeouts, then kick the winning field goal or score the winning touchdown.

Instead both the Jets and Giants chose to pass, pass, pass. Incompletions stopped the clock. The Jets did not manage to score at all, the Giants settled for a FG and a lead but left too much time for Tom Brady.

I guess they couldn’t hear me screaming at my TV set.

Life is miserable and full of pain.

Perhaps Martin can finally understand the pain that he’s caused fans over the years every time he surprises people by killing off beloved characters like poor Ned Stark.

Although, his Game of Thrones storylines could just be his way of channeling his frustration over rooting for teams that constantly let him down. He has been known to reference real-life events and people in his novels, and made a pretty obvious dig at Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (who he’s called “Evil Little Bill” before) in A Dance with Dragons.

Martin mentions a character in the book called “Belicho,” who is described as a “famous Volantene patriot whose unbroken succession of conquests and triumphs ended rather abruptly when he was eaten by giants.”

Sound familiar?

After everything that’s happened in the wake of Deflategate, it will be interesting to see how he turns that never-ending saga into fodder for his next Game of Thrones novel.