Watch: James Taylor and Stephen Colbert Sing ‘You Can Close Your Eyes’

They performed a duet on The Late Show.

James Taylor stopped by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night and a performed a few songs with the musically-inclined late night host.

At the request of an audience member, the Boston-born folk icon teamed up with Colbert to sing his 1971 hit “You Can Close Your Eyes.” Before they serenaded the crowd, the comedian admitted that he never thought he’d get the chance to perform with a music legend like Taylor.

“One of the nicest things about doing a show like this is being able to meet people like James and hang out a little bit,” Colbert said. “Something I never anticipated when I got into doing this for a living is that I might be able to do thing that I’m about to do, which is sing a song with James Taylor.”

You can check out their soulful duet in the video above.

Taylor’s Late Show set also included a humorous update to his fan favorite song “Fire And Rain.”

The folk star joked that he’s been tinkering with the tune over the years in order to add in lyrics about all of the things he’s seen since he first wrote the song in 1970.

“So you’ve seen other stuff since then?” Colbert asked.

“Oh yeah a lot of stuff, like those pizzas that are folded over and the edges are crimped,” Taylor replied.

“You mean like a calzone?” Colbert joked.

“I hadn’t seen those back then, but if I had, I definitely would have added them to the song,” Taylor said.

You can check out their hilarious new take on “Fire and Rain” below.