Watch: Cheers Gets a Fallout 4 Makeover

'Filmed in front of a severely irradiated studio audience.'


Boston landmarks like Fenway Park aren’t the only area attractions to get a post-apocalyptic makeover in the new Fallout 4 video game.

According to Kotaku, eagle-eyed gamers have found a nice little nod to the bar featured in Cheers while roaming the wasteland.

Not only does this rundown take on the Beacon Hill pub strongly resemble its famous television counterpart, but it also comes complete with Cliff, Norm, and the gang–albeit deceased versions of the comedy’s notable patrons.

After catching wind of the Cheers easter egg, the folks over at Nerdist decided to create a parody video that reimagines the classic sitcom within the Fallout setting, and it’s pretty hilarious.

Yes, Carla is still as feisty as ever and the philosophical Frasier is even more of a Debbie Downer thanks to it being the end of the world and all. Hopefully they’ll make a follow-up video for Dr. Crane as it’d be hilarious to see him navigate a post-apocalyptic Seattle with his dog Eddie in tow.

Check out the full clip above.