Mac Sabbath, the McDonald’s-Themed Black Sabbath Cover Band, Is Coming to Cambridge

The 'drive thru metal' band will be serving up its Sabbath parody jams at the Middle East in March. —Michael Marotta

This post originally appeared on Vanyaland.

Mac Sabbath live performance

Mac Sabbath live performance / Still from Youtube

The world’s greatest McDonald’s-themed Black Sabbath cover band (or is it the world’s greatest Black Sabbath-themed McDonald’s band?) is apparently coming to our part of the world, playing the Middle East in Cambridge on March 22.

Pre-party or after-party at the McD’s across Mass. Ave.?

If you’re unhip to the bizarre wonders of Mac Sabbath, allow Consequence of Sound to break it all down, which they did back in January when the Los Angeles band started getting noticed: “Describing its sound as ‘Drive Thru Metal’, the culinary quintet serve up only the finest Sabbath parody jams. ‘Iron Man’ has become ‘Frying Pan’, complete with the line ‘All our future is pink slime,’ while ‘Paranoid’ has been re-heated as ‘Pair-a-buns’. (There’s also tunes called ‘Sweet Beef’ and ‘Chicken for the Slaves’.) Even if the songs are dripping with onions and extra cheese, Mac Sabbath put on one righteous stage show, complete with smoke machines, gritty power chords, and endless head-banging.”

The CoS piece suggested Mac Sabbath were looking for bookings back at the start of 2015, and now here we are. Tickets are on sale now. And as we bide our time between now and March, in the meantime, nosh on this clip.

Mac Sabbath album art

Mac Sabbath album art / Courtesy image