Amy Schumer Shares Tom Brady Fantasy with GQ

She'll fantasize about the Patriots star, but Brady doesn't quite make the cut for her Men of the Year list.

GQ recently enlisted Amy Schumer to guest edit the magazine’s annual Men of the Year list, and the comedian had more than a few things to say about one particular honoree.

In an article penned by the Trainwreck star, Schumer details her various fantasies about this year’s nominees, including her hilarious idea of what she think it would be like if Tom Brady ever decided to leave Gisele for her.

“Tom Brady picks me up in a nice car. He says, ‘Get in’ and I do, and we drive fast,” Schumer writes.  “We are listening to some dogs–t on the radio that he likes. Even in my fantasy, I can’t imagine he likes good music.”

Schumer goes on to say that she’d probably walk out on Brady because she wouldn’t be able to handle listening to him explain why he’d ever leave his “supermodel wife” for “someone with a real body.”

“I sit silently for a few seconds. Then I get out of the car and apologize for what I have just done to the seat and I run down the highway screaming, ‘I knew it,'” Schumer jokes.

While the comedian doesn’t mind day-dreaming about the Patriots star, she states in a video for GQ that Brady doesn’t quite make the cut for her Men of the Year list.

In addition to saying “No” to having him as a nominee, Schumer piled on the Super Bowl winning quarterback by calling Brady out for the Deflategate controversy.

‘Tom Brady lives by his own rules. People get really nervous about him,” Schumer says. “‘Yeah, you can do whatever you want, you can take the air out of the balls. It’s just real good to see you Tom.'”

Check out GQ‘s full video interview with Schumer below.