Henry Cavill Adopted an Adorable Baby Bat Named Ben

Sorry Ben Affleck, but this bat is cuter.

When he’s not saving lives on the big screen, Batman v Superman star Henry Cavill likes to help out all of the different creatures right here on Earth.

In conjunction with his foundation Cavill Conservation, the actor recently decided to adopt an adorable baby fruit bat named Ben to help support the Durrell Wildlife Park. The organization announced the news via its Facebook page last week.

“Ben is a Livingstone’s fruit bat–the most endangered mammal here at Durrell Wildlife Park,” the organization wrote in the post. “The species faces serious challenges in the wild. By adopting Ben you’re not only helping to take care of him, you’re also ensuring we can continue our work to protect this critically endangered species in the wild.”

The Durrell Wildlife Park also shared a clip of Cavill meeting Ben and his mother Claudia. The actor not only got to the chance to hang out with the winged mammals, but he was allowed to feed the cute critters as well.

“People don’t realize what it’s like to be close to them,” Cavill said in the video. “They’re absolutely beautiful, it’s much like a puppy at home.”

Check out the full clip below.

Unfortunately, Cavill’s other bat pal Ben Affleck isn’t going to be as friendly when the stars come to blows on screen in the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which flies into theaters on March 25, 2016.