Mark Wahlberg’s Sneaker Collection Is Valued at Over $100K

Marky Mark has some nice kicks.

As an avid sneakerhead, Mark Wahlberg has racked up a number of nice kicks over the years.

The Dorchester native had his vast collection assessed by sneaker data company, and it turns out that his obsession with shoes is worth a pretty penny. After analyzing Wahlberg’s 137 pairs of sneakers, Campless valued his closet of kicks at over $100,000.

The collection’s high price tag is mostly due to his array of rare and hard to find sneakers, such as the recently released Air Jordan 4 Eminem x Carhart, which is worth a jaw-dropping $22,755, according to the website.

Another highlight from Wahlberg’s collection is his pair of Air Jordan 5 Oregon Ducks, which is worth $3,504. Wahlberg told Campless that former Celtics player Nate Robinson liked his sneakers so much that he once tried to buy them off of the actor with cold hard cash during a Lakers game.

Wahlberg also has a special Wahlburgers version of the Air Jordan 1s thanks to Nike designer Tinker Hatfield. The custom kicks were featured in the episode “Do the Hustle,” where Mark and Donnie try to convince their brother Paul to allow the staff to wear the sneakers as a part of their restaurant uniforms.

Unfortunately, Paul ended up nixing the idea because the shoes didn’t meet various safety regulations, so they are just sitting pretty in Mark’s closet for now.

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