Psy Proves Once Again Why He’s the Best Berklee Dropout

The 'Gangnam Style' star is back with 'DADDY.'

Between his catchy choruses and insanely viral music videos, Psy has proven to be one of Berklee College of Music’s more popular former students, despite never making it to graduation.

While the K-Pop star may be a Berklee (and Boston University) dropout, he’s done pretty well for himself since leaving Boston and is back with his latest irresistible single and a new album.

Psy dropped the music video for “DADDY” on Monday and, much like his worldwide hit “Gangnam Style,” it’s a masterful melange of electronic dance music beats, absurdist costumes, and colorful choreography.

It’s already racked up over 6 million views on Youtube, which is just a few hundred million shy of the 2.4 billion mark set by “Gangnam Style,” but the song has plenty of time to catch up.

If the new single wasn’t enough to get you moving and grooving, Psy also released his latest record on Tuesday called Chiljip PSY-Da, which translates to, “This is PSY’s seventh album.”

In addition to “DADDY,” the new album has a few other interesting songs worth checking out, including “ROCKnROLLbaby” with and an awesome remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Sing.”

Before you listen to the new record, though, watch the “DADDY” music video below and be mesmerized by Psy’s hypnotic and off-the-wall dance moves.