The Most Uniquely Popular Rap Song in Boston Is by Two Chicagoans?

The Hub sure does love Chance the Rapper.

Swedish music streaming juggernaut Spotify teamed up with music blog Pigeons and Planes to determine the most uniquely popular rap songs in major cities across the U.S. by number of streams.

“First we determine the most distinctly popular songs in each city as compared to the listening habits of the rest of the world (in this case, global superstars would be weeded out of the mix as they’re popular everywhere),” Spotify said. “Then, within the 100 most distinctly popular songs we look for the top hip-hop/rap track within each city.”

“The results were totally unpredictable and surprising,” Pigeons and Planes wrote. “We were expecting to uncover a bunch of regional hits, but what we got was something else. In some cities, it’s a rising local artist getting spins. In others, it’s a random classic from decades ago.”

As it turns out, Boston’s bumping Chance the Rapper’s “Angels,” featuring Saba, more than any other city.

What, no love for Roxbury’s Moufy?

New Yorkers love Chance the Rapper too, but instead prefer “All My Friends,” his collaboration with Snakeships and Tinashe. Other cities, meanwhile, support their homegrown artists. The most uniquely popular song in Los Angeles is “Juice” by Compton’s own Ad, while Atlanta’s TK N Cash rule their home turf with “3 Times In A Row.” In San Francisco, the 11-year-old track “Feelin’ Myself” by the late Mac Dre still reigns supreme.

You can see Pigeons and Planes’ full list here.