Cape Cod Goes to the Dogs in Photo Book by Kim Roderiques

For the pet lover on your holiday gift list: a new photography book spotlighting model canines.

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Dogs on Cape Cod by Kim Roderiques. / Book Cover Image Provided

Adele, a black Labrador retriever, and her owner, Marty, were one block away from Boylston Street when the explosions went off on the afternoon of April 15, 2013. Marty had become separated from her husband, Jeff, in the pandemonium, and it was Adele’s job, as her cardiac service dog, to keep her calm. The crowd took notice and encircled Adele and Marty until they were reunited with Jeff, forming a human shield to protect them from getting trampled.

Adele is just one of the many noteworthy canines featured in Kim Roderiques’s photography book, Dogs on Cape Cod, released in June. As the world’s first cardiac service dog from Canine Partners for Life, Adele monitors Marty’s heart condition by sensing shifting body chemistry and heartbeat irregularities. It was Adele’s heartwarming story, among many others, that inspired Roderiques to feature the idyllic beaches and lush fields of Cape Cod through the eyes of 205 dogs. “Adele is the definition of supreme loyalty,” she says. “She never takes her eyes off her human mom and is connected to her in every aspect of her life.”

Among the pedigreed pooches showcased in the 225 glossy pages are construction mogul Jay Cashman’s Jack Russell terrier and BV Investment Partners cofounder Roy Coppedge’s poodle, each photographed against a striking backdrop tailored to the dog’s personality. Locations included the Cape Cod Lavender Farm in Harwich, Dennis’s Chapin Beach, Chatham’s Pleasant Bay, and Cashman’s own private home on Stage Harbor.

Roderiques says her pet portraits grew out of years of shooting Cape Cod weddings and family reunions. After a friend moved to the Cape with her Cavalier King Charles spaniel in tow, Roderiques realized that her true passion was animal photography. “Murphy had never seen grass or flowers before and I thought, Wouldn’t it be amazing to do a book about seeing Cape Cod through Murphy’s eyes?” Roderiques says.

Roderiques’ own rescue dogs appear in the book as well. “It’s such a wonderful pride when this animal loves you unconditionally,” Roderiques says. “They have such a giant smile, whether it’s a rescue with three legs or a purebred that’s $8,000. Everybody’s born with a gift, and I think my gift is being able to communicate with these dogs.”

$29.95, Hummingbird Books.

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Photo courtesy Kim Roderiques

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Photo courtesy Kim Roderiques

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Photo courtesy Kim Roderiques