Liv Tyler Thinks Grandpa Steven Tyler Is a ‘Wizard’

'We don't always see him that often, but when we do it's like this magical wizard comes to the house.'

If you’re wondering what it’s like having Steven Tyler as a family member, apparently it’s a bit like being related to Gandalf.

On Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Liv Tyler stopped by and chatted about how her famous father is adjusting to life as a rock star grandpa. According to The Leftovers star, the Aerosmith frontman pretty much channels his inner Dumbledore whenever he’s around his children and grandchildren.

“I always say he’s like having a wizard as a grandfather,” Liv said. “We don’t always see him that often, but when we do it’s like this magical wizard comes to the house.”

While the Boston rocker may have a mystical approach to being a grandfather, that hasn’t stopped him from always being there for his kids.

Liv told Jimmy Kimmel that her dad stopped everything to be by her side when she recently gave birth to her son Sailor. Not only was Steven in the room as his daughter went into labor, but he also had the responsibility of cutting the umbilical cord.

“We have a picture and it’s all of the doctors and everything’s hygienic and his hand just looks insane with his long black claws,” Liv joked.

Check out more of Liv’s interview with Kimmel in the video below.