Tim Gunn Talks Gisele, Winter Style Tips

'She's earned her place in fashion history and she will stay there, no doubt.'

Tim Gunn judges the eleventh challenge of Project Runway season 12, airing Thursday, September 26, at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime. Photo by Barbara Nitke Copyright 2015

Tim Gunn Photo by Barbara Nitke / Lifetime

Tim Gunn is in Boston this week to speak at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, so we decided to ask the Project Runway star his thoughts about some of the city’s hottest fashion topics.

While GQ may have ranked Boston the worst-dressed city in the country, it is the adopted home of one of the industry’s most stylish runway models, the one and only Gisele Bündchen. Gunn had nothing but nice things to say about her legendary career in fashion.

“She’s earned her place in fashion history and she will stay there, no doubt,” Gunn said. “She’s truly an icon.”

In addition to singing her praises, the fashion guru also had a few tips for how Bostonians can channel their inner Gisele—and not their inner Bill Belichick—so that they can stay warm and stylish as the snow starts to pile up this winter.

According to the Project Runway co-host, there are three elements that must be in harmony in order for a person to look great no matter what they have on.

“The three components are silhouette, proportion, and fit,” Gunn said. “When our clothes fit us, and by that I mean skim our body, not hug it like a wetsuit or cascade away from it, we just look our best.”

Of course, there’s always the issue of dealing with big, puffy jackets. Gunn said the key to making these large winter items work is to balance them with slimmer bottoms.

“The thing about winter clothing is a lot of it is big. I’m thinking especially about puffer coats,” Gunn said. “So if you are wearing one, counterpoint below and wear a slim pant or a pencil skirt. You don’t want volume below and volume above.”

As for what colors work best during the colder months, Gunn suggests dressing in colors of a single hue.

“I find, that the more monochromatic we are head-to-toe, the better we look, as opposed to looking like some sort of color blocked crazy quilt,” Gunn said.

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