Watch Gisele Chant and Play Guitar for Nature

She broke out her inner hippie during an 'intimate' conversation with Chanel.

In a new “intimate” video for Chanel, Gisele Bündchen expresses her deep love for nature by chanting and playing guitar, because why not.

As the face of Chanel No. 5, the model has done some pretty wacky things for the fragrance’s ad campaigns, like last year’s super confusing “The One That I Want” short film. But watching Gisele break out her inner hippie for nature may just be her most head scratching video yet.

“When I’m the happiest is anywhere when I’m in the middle of nature,” she says in the clip. “I love the smell of nature. For example, after it rains and the smell of the earth. It’s my favorite smell. It just smells like wet earth.”

As long as you’re happy Gisele, that’s what counts.

The video also features a peek around her and Tom Brady’s lovely home, which you can check out in the clip below.