Take a Tour of Artemis Design Co.’s New Studio

Owner Milicent Armstrong gives us a peek at the space—and Artemis' new winter line.

Artemis Design Co.'s Milicent Armstrong in the studio

Artemis Design Co.’s Milicent Armstrong in the studio / Photo by Courtney Perkins

Earlier this fall, we found out that Artemis Design Co.—one of our favorite designers for bags—has launched a new brick-and-mortar outpost. Ready to take a peek inside? We caught up with Artemis owner Milicent Armstrong, who filled us in on her new winter line, and gave us a virtual grand tour of the Allston studio (which you can visit—but by appointment only; email hi@artemisdesignco.com to set something up). You can get a peek inside the space with the photos below.

What’s your new retail space like?
It has been a really wonderful experience to host our customers in a space that reflects our style and offers the customer the Artemis lifestyle experience—from the decor to the exotic teas that we’ve picked up on our travels—and really feels like a modern bazaar.

We have absolutely everything that is in our collection in the space, so we let our customers browse for as long as they need and try on every pair of shoe if they so desire! Since we are mainly an online business, it is really nice to have the unique opportunity to get to know our customers, and hear about their experiences with their products. Women have told me that they’ve been stopped on the street because someone has loved their bag, or shoes, or in the airport with their travel bag, which is an experience that I’ve definitely had, and is fun to hear about.

What’s new in your store that’s especially new and notable?
We released a travel duffel this November. They are all made from different unique kilims and sumak carpets, and are so eye-catching. We designed them with our male customers in mind, who often asked for a weekender in a more masculine shape—something they could bring to the gym, or on a weekend getaway. We decided the classic duffel shape would be perfect for this, and would show off the materials really well. This item is a little bit more pricey ($545-$595), but it’s the kind of bag that you will own and love for years and years, and it’s a true work of art.

The other items we are loving right now are our women’s smoking shoes. The Havana style has been a huge hit, and we haven’t been able to keep them in stock! The smoking shoe for women come in an array of colors, from very muted earth tones (the Manzanillo, or Las Tunas), to bright colors and crazy patterns (the Camaguey). Our most popular style; the Havana, looks like the most traditional Oriental carpet you could imagine, with little animals and symbols woven into them. They are really fun, and we will have a lot more in stock before Christmas.


Artemis Design Co. studio / Courtesy photo by Milicent Armstrong


Artemis Design Co. studio / Courtesy photo by Milicent Armstrong


Artemis Design Co. studio / Courtesy photo by Milicent Armstrong

Artemis Design Co., 119 Braintree St., Unit 423, Allston, artemisdesignco.com.