Curt Schilling, Meghan Trainor Make GQ’s Worst People of 2015 List

Oh, and so did Roger Goodell.

GQ released its list of the worst people of 2015 on Monday and, unfortunately, Massachusetts is being represented by a couple of local stars.

Coming in at No. 20 on the list is none other than former Red Sox pitcher and ESPN analyst Curt Schilling. The decorated World Series champion earned himself a spot on the rankings thanks to his many controversial social media posts, including a recent, awful gem which featured a meme that compared radical Muslims to Nazis (he later apologized and was suspended by ESPN).

“Curt Schilling is the king of all terrible right-wing Facebook memes,” GQ writer Drew Magary writes in the piece.

Despite earning American Music Awards and Grammy nominations this year, Nantucket native Meghan Trainor also made her way onto the worst people of 2015 list, clocking in at No. 24.

Magary took issue with Trainor’s faux-feminist messages in her songs and called “Dear Future Husband,” one of the former Berklee student’s recent hits, “the year’s worst single and proof positive that Meghan Trainor’s entire career is a stealth branding campaign for Dove soap.”

One entry that Massachusetts fans may actually applaud is the inclusion of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

The ire of Patriots nation was named the No. 15 worst person of 2015 for fumbling the entire Deflategate situation.

“You already knew that the NFL commissioner was a charmless lump of discarded brisket, but Deflategate revealed just how petty, shortsighted, and comically ineffective he can be,” Magary writes. “If Goodell caught you lying about jaywalking, he would exhaust billions of dollars in resources and nuke eight separate sovereign states just to get to the bottom of your treachery. Then a circuit judge would overturn your suspension anyway.”

Other notable entries are Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, presidential hopefuls Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, and Bill Cosby. Surprisingly, Donald Trump did not make the cut.

Check out the rest of the list over at GQ.