Watch John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel’s Messy Christmas Prank War

Things kind of got out of hand.

Like drinking eggnog and watching 24 straight hours of A Christmas Story, John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel’s annual prank war has become a bit of a holiday tradition.

The Newton-born actor stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night to show off the latest installment of their hijinks battle and things got pretty messy.

After showing a few clips of Krasinski turning the late night host’s office into a winter wonderland, Kimmel got back at the former Office star by posting yard sale signs all around Los Angeles–with Krasinski’s real address.

“You know when you forget to laugh because all you’re thinking about is, ‘This is going to be so awful,'” Krasinski said.

Kimmel didn’t stop there, though. The comedian ended the segment by dumping a vat of eggnog onto the unsuspecting actor.

Jim Halpert would be proud.

Check out the full hilarious clip above.