Seth MacFarlane’s Dad Was a Folk Singer at a Massachusetts Pub

'My mother saw him perform and then stalked him, basically.'

It’s no secret that New England native Seth MacFarlne can carry a tune.

The Family Guy and Ted creator isn’t shy about sharing his singing voice and has been known to break out into Broadway-style musical number from time to time. MacFarlane also has a new album out and is set to perform at Tanglewood next year as well.

The multi-talented performer stopped by the Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday night and revealed that his affinity for music actually has roots in Massachusetts.

“My father was a folk singer at a pub in Massachusetts,” MacFarlane said. “My mother saw him perform and then stalked him, basically, found out where he lived.”

So, you can pretty much thank the Bay State for influencing MacFarlane to produce moments like these:

Check out more of MacFarlane’s interview with Corden below.