Premiere: Spirit Kid Debuts Revived ’60s Christmas Song

Emeen Zarookian delivers holiday cheer on new cover 'Santa Claus Is His Name.' —Michael Marotta

This post originally appeared on Vanyaland.

Spirit Kid single cover

Spirit Kid single cover

Once a year, Saint Nick comes to town, delivering gifts, goodwill, and holiday cheer. Santa Claus is his name.

A few times a year, Spirit Kid comes to town, delivering gifts, goodwill, and holiday cheer. Emeen Zarookian is his name.

The Belmont native, former Boston music scene fixture, and current Los Angeles resident swings back to New England just in time for the holidays, and this morning we are as excited as kids on Christmas Eve to premiere the latest Spirit Kid joint, a cover of Jerry Clayton’s lost ’60s holiday jam, “Santa Claus.”

“The original song is called ‘Santa Claus’ performed and recorded by a fellow named Jerry Clayton some time in the early ’60s, and according to the 45 label written by Ivan G. Washabaugh,” Zarookian tells Vanyaland. “I haven’t been able to find much info on either of those guys so if they’re out there listening, hey guys! I randomly came across the song while searching for more obscure Christmas songs for fun and found it on a rock and roll compilation.”

Zarookian sprang into action and gave it a Spirit Kid polish.

He adds: “I was surprised that no one else had covered it in this style [*cough*] Jeff Lynne [*cough*] so… one thing led to another… bada bing bada boom… spent a nice Saturday recording it, and here we are now. Oh, and I also lengthened the name to ‘Santa Claus Is His Name’ because it seemed like the right thing to do.”

Check out the video Zarookian spliced together, and download the track for free—MP3 files make a great stocking stuffer!—via his Bandcamp. And mark your calendars: Sprit Kid has a rare East Coast show this January 2 at the Plough & Stars in Cambridge. Both the naughty and the nice are invited.