Here’s the Most Popular Secret Santa Gift in Massachusetts

Is this a joke, TIME?

secret santa gift massachusetts

Massachusetts, meet Grumpy Cat. / Photo via Shutterstock

There’s no shortage of feline appreciation here in Massachusetts.

Take, for example, our fascination with the viral phenomenon that was Stroller Cat, or our compassion for Phil, a homeless kitten born without eyelids, or the fact that Berklee Performance Center has now not once, but twice played host to the Internet Cat Video Festival.

Why is it, then, that folks in Massachusetts appear to be confused about the identity of the world’s arguably most famous feline celebrity?

In the spirit of the holidays, TIME magazine has teamed up with Google to determine the most popular Secret Santa gifts in every state. The results were, well, puzzling at best.

Never mind the apparent resurgence of Tamagotchi in Montana or the affinity for laser metal puzzles (what even is that?) in New Hampshire. People in Massachusetts are apparently doling out “angry cat gifts.”

We think you mean Grumpy Cat, Massachusetts, and artist Jason Polan, whom TIME tapped to illustrate the results, seems to agree.

Here’s the curious methodology behind the list:

Google determined the most uniquely searched Secret Santa gift in each state based on U.S. searches from December 2013, 2014 and 2015. Google tracked results based on people who searched for “Secret Santa” and “gift” within the same “mini session,” which is a short series of Google searches.

Does Massachusetts need a primer on Grumpy Cat? Or have locals caught on to a new cat phenomenon before the rest of the nation? In any case, if you want a quality Secret Santa gift, it looks like you’re better off in Virginia—they’ve got the right idea there, giving out Beatles pajamas.