Meet the 25 Most Social People in Boston

These locals have the connections.

Photo Courtesy of Who's That

Photo Courtesy of Who’s That

Between all of the students, tech companies, and entrepreneurs, it should be no surprise that Boston is home to a ton of active social media users.

Who’s That–a Boston-based app that links up different friend groups over drinks–recently released its list of the 25 most social people in the city, and the collection of connected locals includes residents from all walks of life.

The list was compiled after studying over 3 million mutual friend analyses between the app’s Boston users over the last two months. People who appeared frequently in users’ mutual friends lists were selected and, to ensure that the ranking focused on up and comers in the city’s social media scene, A-list stars were filtered out.

From ballerinas and models to business owners and journalists, learn a little bit about the nominees and check out the full list below.

Ace Gershfield

Photo Courtesy of Who's That

Hometown: Danvers

Work: Founder of 6one7 Productions

Interesting fact: An event marketing specialist, Ace first started making a name for himself on the nightlife scene while he was still a student at Northeastern University.

Allie Lochiatto

Photo Courtesy of Who's That

Hometown: Newton

Work: Consultant at Slalom Consulting, founder of Allie Wears

Interesting fact: Allie’s go-to winter joints include “tacos and endless Coco margaritas” at Loco and drinks at Southie’s Lincoln.

Ben Smith


Hometown: Boston

Work: Cofounder of BeaconsInSpace

Interesting fact: In addition to running a company, Ben can bake a delicious English toffee.

Billy Khach


Hometown: Boston

Work: Mechanical Engineer at New Balance

Interesting fact: Billy was a mixed martial artist in college and tried to get a reality show started about collegiate fighters.

Cameron Bruns 


Hometown: Boston

Work: Sustainability writer and educator at Follain, co-author of Just Us Gals

Interesting fact: Cameron’s favorite things to do in Boston–other than watching the Patriots–include making trips to the Purple Carrot and Boston Public Market.

Dan Charland


Hometown: Westborough

Work: Marketing Channel Manager

Interesting fact: Despite his love of Top Chef, Dan’s cooking is unfortunately “painfully average.”

Dani McDonald


Hometown: Cohasset

Work: Founder of Flock

Interesting fact: Now a resident of the South End, Dani’s favorite restaurant is The Gallows.

Diana Lattari


Hometown: Attleboro

Work: Miller Dyer Spears Architects

Interesting fact: Diana is a huge Jay-Z fan and can pretty much rap the lyrics to any of his songs.

Emma Hernan


Hometown: Scituate

Work: Model

Interesting fact: Don’t be jealous, but Emma celebrated with some of the Patriots after their Super Bowl win last winter.

Gary Striewski


Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Work: Anchor at NESN

Interesting fact: Gary was a reporter for CBS in Cheyenne, Wyoming and Fort Collins, Colorado before coming to Boston.

Grace Boutot


Hometown: Boston

Work: Real estate broker

Interesting fact: Grace skied professionally for seven years before her “inner girly girl and love for rosé surfaced.”

Joe Breezy


Hometown: San Jose, California

Work: Music director and on-air host at 103.3 AMP Radio

Interesting fact: Now that he’s a Seaport resident, Joe likes to check out Jerry Remy’s, Legal Harborside, and Empire.

Joe Ruggles


Hometown: Colchester, Vermont

Work: Tennis and fitness coordinator at Tenacity

Interesting fact: Joe’s top places to hang out in Boston are Storyville and Brahmin.

John Sherer


Hometown: Boston

Work: Director at Appcues

Interesting fact: A Boston University alum, John is a big fan of Hojoko.

Julian Jung


Hometown: Belmont

Work: Founder of Tablelist

Interesting fact: Before starting Tablelist, Julian got into the real estate business while he was studying at Northeastern University.

Kelsey Heavey


Hometown: Boston

Work: Openview Venture Partners

Interesting fact: Kelsey’s favorite Boston “go-to’s are Lincoln Tavern, Loco, Scholar’s, Lansdowne, Brahmin, and Bell In Hand.”

Lia Cirio


Hometown: Springfield, Pennsylvania

Work: Principal dancer in the Boston Ballet, currently starring in The Nutcracker

Interesting fact: Lia joined the Boston Ballet in 2004 and has starred in productions ranging from Cinderella to A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Mariah Sarkissian


Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island

Work: Dental assistant

Interesting fact: Mariah, a Boston University grad, is a fan of Barcelona in the South End.

Melissa McCarthy


Hometown: Sterling

Work: Medical student, Harvard Vanguard

Interesting fact: When she’s not studying for medical school, Melissa likes to check out Scholar’s, Toro, or “anywhere in the North End.”

Misa Kuranaga


Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Work: Principal dancer in the Boston Ballet, currently starring in The Nutcracker

Interesting fact: Misa was the 2006 senior gold medal winner at the USA International Ballet Competition.

Mo Abdo


Hometown: Chelsea

Work: Founder of SockCess

Interesting fact: A Trinity College alum, Mo recently started a monthly, style subscription service.

Nick Darsch


Hometown: Kingston

Work: Financial Services

Interesting fact: When it comes to music in Boston, Nick likes to check out Lucky’s Lounge, the Beehive, or The Burren.

Sal Abdo


Hometown: Chelsea

Work: Asst. Dean of Students at St. Mark’s, founder of Shot Lab

Interesting fact: In addition to partnering with Celtics coaches and players with his latest venture, Shot Lab, Sal has also worked with the Krafts to help out the Boys & Girls Club in Chelsea.

Samantha Matt


Hometown: Canton

Work: Founder of

Interesting fact: Samantha’s favorite places to check out in Boston are the Liberty Hotel, Scholars, and Eastern Standard.

Sofi Madison


Hometown: Weston

Work: Founder of Olives & Grace

Interesting fact: Sofi’s perfect rainy day in Boston includes a trip to the Gardner and dinner at Sarma.