Wally the Green Monster Has a Little Sister

Her name is Tessie, and she's coming to Boston.

Wally the Green Monster has been a staple at Fenway Park since he emerged on April 13, 1997, but how much do we really know about the Red Sox mascot?

According to the team’s official website, Wally’s favorite movies are Field of Dreams and Monsters, Inc., he doesn’t have a favorite TV show—he’d rather be reading—and his favorite songs are “Dirty Water” and “Shipping Up to Boston.”

But today, the Red Sox released a huge new snippet of information about Wally—he has a little sister. Her name is Tessie, and she’s coming to Boston to become the newest member of the team.

A video introducing Tessie—featuring an appearance by two older green monsters, presumably Wally’s parents—was released on social media earlier today, and a new Twitter account, @TessieTGM, debuted as well. Her bio states that she’s “Wally’s younger, smarter, wittier sister (he says it’s self proclaimed).”

Tessie will make her first appearance with the Red Sox later this month at Foxwoods during Winter Weekend, January 22-24.