Mark Wahlberg Says Tom Brady Friendship Won’t Help Donald Trump

'I don't think that will help.'

As a bona fide member of Tom Brady’s “Boston crew,” Mark Wahlberg doesn’t think much of the Patriots star’s friendship with Donald Trump.

While being hounded by paparazzi from TMZ, the Dorchester native gave a blunt response to the question of whether Brady would be a boost to the Republican presidential hopeful’s campaign. Wahlberg said he doubt that their friendship will be a factor.

“I don’t think that will help,” Wahlberg said.

Sorry Trump, but it’s going to take more than being friends with Brady in order to win over voters in New England.

Since there’s been speculation about a potential career in politics for Brady should he ever decide to step away from the world of football, TMZ also asked Wahlberg for his thoughts on the Patriots star becoming a politician.

Like most fans, the actor thinks Brady should stick to what he knows best.

“Naw, I think he should stick to football,” Wahlberg said.

Check out the full clip below.