Starlab Studios Unveils ‘Fight To Stay In Union Square’ Fundraiser

The Somerville studio, after being locked out of its own space in a property dispute, is preparing for a legal battle. —Michael Marotta

This post originally appeared on Vanyaland.

Starlab Studios

Starlab Studios / Courtesy photo by Richard Hawke

There’s a new battle brewing for Starlab Recording Studios, Somerville’s multimedia production space known for housing several local bands and hosting the annual summer Starlabfest.

Last year, the studio was forced out of its original Union Square location at 32 Prospect Street to make way for the MBTA Green Line extension project. It relocated after four years at the old spot to new digs at 453 Somerville Ave., which was better equipped for its growing audio/video production work.

Now, Starlab says it has encountered another dispute, this time with a new property owner on Somerville Avenue, and has been locked out of its own space. To raise money for the anticipated legal battle, the studio has announced two fundraiser events, January 13 at the Middle East in Cambridge with CreaturoS, Mini Dresses, and the Dazies, and January 29 at Bit Fest’s Bitlab in Everett.

Those who can’t attend with can chip in by donating to Starlab’s GoFundMe. Here’s some more background from the Starlab crew:

Though we were sad to see our old Prospect Street location of four years torn down, we decided to take this as an opportunity to build a new space—one better suited to the audio and video production work we were anxious to move forward with. Luckily for us, we were able to find and lease an old gutted auto garage in our beloved neighborhood of Union Square, just a few blocks from our previous home. We quickly began work on the space, investing many thousands of dollars and countless labor hours.

Now, two years into this project, we find ourselves in a dispute with a new building owner and we have been wrongly locked out of the space. We are now taking legal avenues to reach a resolution. Though we are confident that this is a battle we can win, legal costs add up quickly and our resources are limited, especially with shuttered studio doors.

Those who purchase tickets to the Middle East show can redeem their stubs for free admission at the seventh annual Starlabfest Music & Arts Festival, which is planned for this summer. In the meantime, listen to the participating bands below.