Watch Donnie Wahlberg and Nancy Grace Yell About Making a Murderer

'Oh honey, when you get in that chair, it's on!'

Since everybody seems to be weighing in on Netflix’s Making a Murderer, Nancy Grace decided to have Donnie Wahlberg on her show for a spirited discussion about the hit documentary, because why not.

The ten-part series investigates the curious story of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man who spent 18 years in jail after being wrongly convicted of rape in 1985. Avery was exonerated of the crime in 2003, but was thrown back in prison a few years later over separate murder charges with regards to the death of Teresa Halbach, which the show argues he may not have committed as well.

The series has swayed many viewers to Avery’s defense, sparking a petition to the White House for him to receive a presidential pardon which was signed by over 100,000 people.

Wahlberg, however, wasn’t convinced of Avery’s innocence and recently wrote an editorial for the Chicago Sun-Times on why he thinks the jury got it right. The Boston-bred actor also cautioned people from quickly making up their minds about the case based solely on the evidence featured in the show.

Funny enough, Wahlberg appears to be on the same page as Grace when it comes to Making a Murder, as they both seem to think Avery is guilty of Halbach’s death. That, however, did not stop the pair from getting into a bit of a shouting match as they talked about the show on Monday’s episode of Nancy Grace.

The HLN host berated the New Kids on the Block member for simply suggesting that Brendan Dassey–Avery’s nephew who was also convicted in the Halbach case after giving a confession under suspicious circumstances–should have received better representation. The series suggests that Dassey’s initial lawyer already thought he was guilty and did little to make a case for his innocence.

“Brendan, he’s potentially a victim in some way too,” Wahlberg said. “People are saying he’s a victim of the cops, I’would say he’s a victim of his lawyers not helping him, not guiding him to the right decisions in this thing.”

After lots of yelling, Grace did begrudgingly agree with Wahlberg when he said that only the jury could possibly know all of the evidence involved with the case, and therefore have the best idea about what happened to Halbach.

The HLN host still felt the need to sneak in some sass directed at Wahlberg, saying, “Oh honey, when you get in that chair, it’s on!”

Check out a clip from their discussion above.