Meet ‘Bumble,’ the Greenway’s Resident Abominable Snowman

He's covered in fur and will glow at night.

rose kennedy greenway abominable snowman

Photo courtesy of the Rose Kennedy Greenway

Watch out, Boston Yeti. There’s another abominable snowman in town.

This week, the Rose Kennedy Greenway is installing a 15-foot-tall inflatable snow monster in its Wharf District Park, at the corner of State Street and Atlantic Avenue. Officially named the “Abominable Snow Monster of the North”—but nicknamed “Bumble”—he’s covered in fur and will glow at night thanks to internal lighting.

Visitors are encouraged to take photos of and with Bumble, which they can then share on social media using the hashtag #GreenwayWinter.

Bumble’s installation is part of the Greenway’s effort to keep the space activated during the winter.

In November, while being honored as one of ten outstanding young leaders by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, Greenway executive director Jesse Brackenbury urged the importance of year-round activity throughout Boston as beneficial for both the economy and quality of life.

“Since Boston can’t get rid of winter, we need to embrace it,” he said, citing successful examples of events undeterred by cold weather in Ottawa, Quebec, Montreal, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, and New York City.

The abominable snowman joins previous winter activation efforts on the Greenway, such as the “Caroling at the Carousel” event series that took place over the holidays and installation of various winter lighting displays throughout the space.