Judd Apatow Rips Matt Damon’s Golden Globe Win for a Comedy

'I'm like a nerd on a schoolyard and you stole my milk money.'

Judd Apatow gave Matt Damon a piece of his mind at the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday night.

While introducing Amy Schumer for the MVP award, the director took a few shots at the Boston-bred actor for recently winning a Golden Globe in the comedy category for his role in The Martian.

Apatow isn’t the only person who’s still wondering why the film was nominated as a comedy, however, he’s got an actual reason to be mad at Damon and company for the win. The filmmaker’s latest work, Trainwreck, was snubbed for best comedy at the Golden Globes thanks to The Martian.

“We only have one award, Matt, that’s all we get,” Apatow said. “I’m like a nerd on a schoolyard and you stole my milk money.”

The director added, “Can we just pick whatever category we want to be in? We have an Asian man in our movie, can I go foreign film now?”

Jokes aside, the evening turned out to be a huge one for the cast and crew of Spotlight, which took home the awards for best picture, best original screenplay, and best ensemble cast.

The film, based on the Boston Globe‘s investigation into the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal, has been a hit among the critics and may be poised for some Oscar gold after Sunday’s big wins at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

Actress Rachel McAdams thanked Sacha Pfeiffer, who she plays in the movie, as well as the rest of the real life reporters during her acceptance speech for best ensemble cast.

“I think we would all agree that the true star ensemble is the real life heroes at Spotlight,” McAdams said. “Thank you for having the bravery to pursue this important story.”