Carrie Brownstein Had a Crush on NKOTB’s Danny Wood

'Forty years later, he looks great.'

Carrie Brownstein and James Corden had a bonding moment on Tuesday night’s episode of the Late Late Show as they discussed their mutual love for boy bands.

The Portlandia star revealed to the late night host that her group of choice was, of course, the New Kids on the Block. In particular, Brownstein admitted that she had a crush on NKOTB heartthrob Danny Wood.

“I was very pragmatic about how I went about trying to determine who I could be with,” Brownstein said. “Everyone loved Jordan and Joey, and I was like, I can’t get with either of those guys. I have a better chance with Danny.”

While Wood may not have been a popular pick back in the day, as Brownstein pointed out to Corden, he’s aged pretty well over the years.

“You have to be strategic,” Brownstein said. “I was thinking the long game because 40 years later, he looks great.”

Check out more of the Portlandia star’s appearance on the Late Late Show below.