You Can Thank Steven Tyler for the Guns N’ Roses Reunion

'I've been working on it for years.'

If you’re stoked to see Guns N’ Roses back together, then you might want to send Steven Tyler a thank you card.

The Aerosmith frontman has apparently played a bit of a role in setting up the upcoming reunion between original members Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan. The reunited Guns N’ Roses will be headlining Coachella this year and will be playing two concerts in Las Vegas prior to the festival.

During an impromptu interview with Getty Images in Los Angeles on Monday, Tyler wouldn’t say too much about his role in the comeback except for a brief summary of a conversation he had with Slash.

“I’ve been working on it for years. Call Slash up, ask him,” Tyler said. “I just told him that the world needs more rock and roll and enough of people arguing, especially when they’re as talented and as great. Everybody loves their songs. That’s what rock and roll is about.”

Tyler added that the reunion is going to be “huge” and “there are no words.”

The Boston rocker also cautioned people to not get too excited about the Guns N’ Roses’ comeback since it could all fall through at the last minute–like Axl’s scheduled appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“It don’t happen until it happens,” Stevens said.

Hopefully the reunion will go smoothly as it’d be amazing to see Guns N’ Roses back on stage. Maybe they’ll even team up with Tyler again like they did for a Paris concert in 1992.