Steven Tyler Is Teaming Up with Skittles for a Super Bowl Ad

The Demon of Screamin' will taste the rainbow.

Update, February 2, 2016, 6 p.m.:

Here it is—Steven Tyler talking to himself in Skittle form. #DreamOn.


Steven Tyler Photo by Skittles

Steven Tyler Photo by Skittles

Steven Tyler has a pretty awesome gig lined up for this year’s Super Bowl.

While Tyler isn’t scheduled to perform at the big game–he’s done that already–Skittles announced on Thursday that the Aerosmith frontman will be the first ever celebrity to be featured in a television ad for the brand, which will debut during the broadcast for Super Bowl 50.

Somehow he was able to find the time to film the spot in between recording his upcoming country album and helping Guns N’ Roses get back together.

As a thank you to the Demon of Screamin’, the company sent the former Boston rocker a custom made microphone covered in Skittles. Now whenever he sings “Sweet Emotion,” it will be extra sweet.

According to Adweek, the mic won’t be appearing in the upcoming spot, but you can check out Tyler rocking out with his tasty new gift in the gif below.

You’ll be able to see Tyler’s full commercial for Skittles if when the Patriots make the Super Bowl.