Dear D.C./New York, Here’s How to Survive a Snowpocalypse the Boston Way

We have some experience.

Photo by Jaminnbenji /

Why yes, we are experts at this. / Photo by Jaminnbenji /

In case you haven’t heard, a huge snowstorm is about to hit Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, and other major metropolitan areas that—shocking!—does not include Boston.

While we are thanking our lucky stars that a Snowpocalypse Part II isn’t heading our way this weekend, we thought it’d be nice to share some helpful tips to our neighbors down south, who may not know how to deal with the extreme winter weather. We are pretty much experts in this area, after all.

Because sure, we have our differences and may not see eye to eye when it comes to Tom Brady, but no one should have to face a brutal snowstorm without the proper preparations.

Ahead, check out five tips for how you can survive the wintry weather in your city like a Boston pro.

1. Get your space saver ready.

If you haven’t driven in Boston during the winter, then you’ve probably never heard of a space saver. The short version: they can be anything—literally anything—that you put in place of your car after you shovel out a spot on the street. They aren’t really legal and may cause a few fights, but do you really want to lose that parking space after spending two hours digging it out? Didn’t think so.

2. Grab your Uggs/L.L. Bean boots.

Whether you’re snuggling on the couch or breaking your back shoveling snow, you’ll want the right gear to weather the impending storm. If you can stomach wearing a shoe brand that Brady represents, grab a pair of Uggs and warm up with a cup of home-brewed Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. If you’re forced to go outside, there’s only one kind of boots worthy of a crazy snowstorm: L.L. Bean.

3. Use those New York Post/New York Daily News covers to build a fire.

Should the power go out forcing you to to make a fire, we suggest using these ridiculous New York Post/New York Daily News covers as kindling.

4. Queue up the Netflix.

Possibly the most important tip of all, make sure you have a few titles lined up to watch on Netflix or whatever streaming service you use. One suggestion is the last season of Parks and Recreation starring Massachusetts native Amy Poehler, which recently hit Netflix. If you need more recommendations, check out our list here.

5. Remind yourself that the snow will melt…eventually.

Once the snow starts to bury your city, don’t freak out. Sure, the subway may be closed and spring may feel like it won’t come for an eternity, but trust us, all that snow will melt…eventually. In the meantime, have some fun! Channel your inner kid and enjoy your days (weeks?) off.