Lazy Sunday: What to Binge This Week – January 24-30, 2016

From Chelsea Handler's new show to Steven Tyler's latest single, here's what you should be streaming.

Chelsea Handler in the Netflix original documentary series “Chelsea Does”. Photo Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Chelsea Handler in ‘Chelsea Does’ Photo by Saeed Adyani / Netflix

Boston may not be getting hammered with a blizzard this weekend, but it’s going to be pretty cold out, so stay inside and warm up with a few of our streaming suggestions.

Comedian Chelsea Handler is back with a new Netflix series, Chelsea Does, where the former late night host takes a deep dive into topics ranging from the war on drugs to racism. Plus, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler recently dropped the latest single from his upcoming country album.

Check out more of our recommendations below.


Entourage: Vincent Chase and the gang are back in this big screen follow-up to the Entourage television series. Boston-bred star Mark Wahlberg, whose life inspired the show, makes a pretty hilarious cameo, as does former UFC champion Ronda Rousey. (HBO Go)

Cartel Land: This Academy Award nominated documentary takes a closer look at the drug war going on in Mexico. In particular, the film showcases the vigilantes trying to stop the country’s powerful cartels. (Netflix)


Chelsea Does: Chelsea Handler’s latest series debuts on Netflix this weekend. From marriage to racism, the former late night host plans on tackling a number of topics with her new show. (Netflix)

Mad Dog: Starring Ben Chaplin, Michael Imperiol, Billy Zane, and Steve Zahn, this series centers around a group of friends in Belize celebrating the retirement of a close friend. However, a number of unnerving events occur that reveal deep, dark secrets and take the characters on a wild ride of lies and murder. (Amazon Prime)


“Red, White & You,” Steven Tyler: The Demon of Screamin’ recently dropped the latest single from his upcoming solo album. Despite some backlash from Aerosmith fans–and even the band itself–Tyler plans on dipping his toes into the world of country with his soon-to-be released record. (Spotify, iTunes)

“Unstoppable,” Sia: After dropping “Reaper” last week, this year’s Boston Calling headliner is back with another single. Her new album drops on January 29. (Spotify, iTunes)