Whitey Bulger Is Still Mad About Johnny Depp’s Black Mass

'This movie is pure fiction!'

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Johnny Depp in ‘Black Mass’ Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s been months since Black Mass hit theaters, but Whitey Bulger is still fuming over his portrayal in the 2015 biopic.

While we already knew the notorious Boston gangster wasn’t a fan of the film, he’s making his displeasure known once again in a pretty creative way.

According to Page Six, a person who’s allegedly close to Bulger’s cellmate is selling photos signed by Bulger to a memorabilia dealer based in Los Angeles, including several images of actor Johnny Depp from the film.

Bulger didn’t shy away from sharing his true feelings in a message he wrote on one of the photos, accompanied by his prison number 1428A.

“Johnnie [sic] Depp on set with his girlfriend playing me on an anti Whitey movie put together by 2 reporters from the Boston Globe,” Bulger said. “Many years ago, shot up the building with a 12 ga pump shot gun… This movie is pure fiction!”

He’s probably happy to hear that Black Mass did not receive any nominations at this year’s Academy Awards.

On another photo from this up for sale set–which is going for $24,000, by the way–Bulger did admit that Depp did nail his old look in the film.

“Johnny Depp all made up in movie about me,” Bulger wrote. “Once I looked just like he does now in the movie.”