Rob Gronkowski Brought the Party to Conan

'I like to have a good time.'

Rob Gronkowski and Conan O'Brien Photo by TBS / Screenshot

Rob Gronkowski and Conan O’Brien Photo by TBS / Screenshot

Always the life of the party, Rob Gronkowski had a fun appearance on Tuesday’s episode of Conan.

The Patriots star was a pretty generous guest and brought along a Gronk-approved gift for Boston-bred host Conan O’Brien. Gronkowski also made one lucky fan’s day by giving away Super Bowl tickets to an audience member wearing a Patriots shirt.

Curious about Gronk’s party animal ways, O’Brien asked the tight end about his days as a college student at the University of Arizona.

While he enjoyed the weather and his time in the school’s football program, as you can imagine, the real draw for the Patriots star was life outside of the classroom and the field.

“You know, the pool parties, the ladies,” Gronkowski said. “I kind of put that in perspective too because, like I said, I like to have a good time and go out.”

The living situation with his brothers sounded like it could be a scene of out Animal House. Amenities included giant slip and slides and even a hot tub, which they bought using all of their college money.

“We wanted a hot tub bad, we just knew it would go with us,” Gronkowski said. “We literally took our bank accounts and took everything out, [withdrew] all the money. I had like $10 left for college.”

“It was a great, great investment,” he added. “I don’t think my parents liked it.”

The hijinks didn’t stop there.

The tight end recalled the time he was coaxed into providing security for his friend who was going to be a cowboy stripper at a bachelorette party.

As the drinks started flowing, Gronkowski couldn’t resist the call from the crowd to show off his dance moves.

“There were like 35 women around in a circle, next thing you know, I was feeling good, they start cheering for me,” Gronkowski said. “Next thing you know, I’m taking off my tie, unbuttoning my shirt, taking my pants off… I made like 25 bucks.”

Never change, Gronk.

Check out part of Gronkowski’s appearance on Conan below.