Bostonians Tell Cupid About How Much They Hate Valentine’s Day

'I hate love!'

Photo by Shutterstock

Photo by Shutterstock

Bostonians hate a lot of things: backpacks on the T, the New York Yankees, and, apparently, Valentine’s Day.

MeetMeOutside, a fitness-themed dating app, recently enlisted the help of “Cupid” to find out why locals despise the holiday so much, resulting in a hilarious video.

“It turns out people in Boston hate all things Cupid more than we could have imagined,” MeetMeOutside cofounder Rob Hand said in a statement. “Our hope is that active, alternative date ideas like the ones suggested on MMO can help singles rethink the holiday and do something they love to celebrate Valentine’s Day instead of the average dinner and jewelry routine.”

From stops on the Orange Line to crowds at the TD Garden, the video shows Cupid asking residents from all over town about their thoughts on Valentine’s Day as well as their worst dating experiences. Here are a few of the funniest responses:

  • “Valentine’s Day is the s–tiest holiday that’s ever been invented in the history of the world.”
  • “Bleh.”
  • “I’m glad I don’t have a girlfriend.”
  • “Valentine’s Day is a holiday for candy and horribleness.”
  • “I hate Valentine’s Day because I hate it. I hate love!”

Check out the likely NSFW clip below.