Grumpy Cat and Gronk Is the Comedy Duo We Need

They met during this week's Super Bowl 50 festivities.

If Rob Gronkowski ever wants to start a comedy duo, he may have met his purrfect partner.

During the Super Bowl 50 festivities earlier this week, the Patriots star got a chance to hang out with one of the Internet’s furriest sensations, the legendary Grumpy Cat.

The always upbeat Gronk wasn’t able to get the famous feline to crack a smile, however, their opposite reactions did make for a pretty funny photo.

Just imagine how hilarious they’d be in a sitcom together. Sure, they’re not Abbott and Costello or Cheech and Chong, but we think they have the chops to be breakout stars.

Grumpy Cat already made his comedy television debut in a 2014 Lifetime movie and Gronk has showed off his funny side in last year’s Entourage film, as well as in his many late night appearances.

For now, this Vine will have to tide us over until Grumpy Cat and Gronk gets the green light.