14 Reasons to Love the Boston Public Library

Number three: the architecture—swoon.


BPL Photo via Shutterstock

The Boston Public Library was dealt a great injustice recently, as some idiot decided to vandalize its Copley Square facade.

Though that shameful paint job was quickly removed, the thought of it still makes the blood boil. And so, to counteract that abhorrent cultural attack, here are 14 reasons to love and appreciate the Boston Public Library, in no particular order.


The Books, Duh

And manuscripts, photographs, prints, and other items…all 23 million of them.


Photo by Meredith Foley


The Perks of Having a Library Card

Free museum passes, anyone?


BPL Arches Photo via Shutterstock


The Architecture


boston public library courtyard

Photo by Olga Khvan


The Instagram-worthy McKim Courtyard

Pro tip: In the summer, the BPL hosts free “Concerts in the Courtyard” every Wednesday night and Friday at lunchtime.


The “Hoopla”

E-books were just the start. In 2014, the BPL began a partnership with Hoopla—it’s like Netflix, but for libraries.

boston public library childrens area

Photo by Olga Khvan


The Children’s Library

Part one of the Johnson Building renovation was unveiled last year, including the children’s library, which boasts a StoryScape area, sensory learning wall, kid-friendly interactive technology, a tween area, and three lion cub statues.

boston public library teen central area

Photo by Olga Khvan


Teen Central

The BPL also unveiled a super-chic urban-inspired space for teenagers last year, decked out with hanging bicycles, diner-esque booths, a digital lab, and a video game lounge.

boston public library johnson building

Photo by Olga Khvan


Coming Soon: A New Cafe!

Sip, sip, hooray!


Photo by Kristen Teig for ‘Fully Booked’


The Existing Courtyard Restaurant

full-service, lunch-and-tea-only eatery situated behind a sandwich counter inside the vaunted building.


The 10,000 Public Programs Hosted in 2014

And the 3.7 million visitors.

Boston Public Library Yoga Abbey Room

The Abbey Room Photo Provided


Free Yoga Classes

Every Tuesday in the Abbey Room. Namaste.


The Archives

It wasn’t until last year when a couple works went missing, attracted national intrigue, ruined a few reputations, and were then found 80 feet from where they should’ve been, that the public was reminded of the treasure trove that is the BPL’s collections.

boston public library marathon shoes exhibit

Photo by Yiqing Shao


The Exhibits

Rembrandts aside, the BPL also hosts a number of open exhibits each year, including a moving Boston Marathon tribute in 2014. And if you didn’t see the 3-D light display over the holidays, boy did you miss out.

East Boston Branch Boston Public Library

Photo via BPL.org


Two Dozen Branches

In addition to the Central Library location, the BPL has 24 neighborhood branches throughout Boston, including the stunning LEED Gold-certified East Boston Branch that opened in 2013.


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