Alicia Vikander and Jimmy Kimmel Bond over Their Hatred for Matt Damon

'Matt Damon is evil incarnate.'

We already knew that Jimmy Kimmel has beef with Matt Damon, but apparently so does his Jason Bourne co-star Alicia Vikander.

The Danish Girl actress, who’s nominated for an Academy Award this year, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night and bonded with the late night host over their mutual hatred for the Boston-bred actor.

The pair gave Damon a good ribbing while talking about Vikander’s recent trip to Las Vegas to work on the upcoming Bourne sequel.

“You were making that movie with that stupid Matt Damon weren’t you in Las Vegas?” Kimmel said.

“I’m so happy you’re telling his true colors,” Vikander replied. “Everyone tells everyone that he’s the sweetest dude.”

The actress earned some brownie points with Kimmel when she agreed with him over Damon being a “nightmare.” The late night host was giddy over meeting a person who shares his loathing for The Martian star.

“Matt Damon is evil incarnate,” Kimmel said.

Check out a clip from Vikander’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live below.