John Kerry Doesn’t Think He Could Settle the Taylor Swift Kanye West Beef

'I'm not even sure the best Secretary of State could get a ceasefire between them.'

Secretary of State John Kerry is used to brokering deals between parties that have a lot of bad blood, however, even he doesn’t think he could settle the beef between Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

The music stars have started feuding again after West took credit for Swift’s fame on the track “Famous” which was released on his new album The Life of Pablo. Swift fired back in her no-so-subtle acceptance speech at the recent Grammy Awards.

During Kerry’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, the former Massachusetts senator admitted to the late night host that he’s not sure if anyone could help repair their relationship.

“I’m not even sure the best Secretary of State could get a ceasefire between them,” Kerry said.

While he didn’t reveal whether he’s team Taylor or team Kanye, we have a feeling that Kerry might be a Swift fan.

On the Late Show with Stephen Colbert in October, Kerry said that Swift would make a great Secretary of State.

“I would like to negotiate with Taylor Swift,” he told Colbert. “That would be interesting.”

In addition to talking about the Swift vs. West feud with Kimmel, Kerry also took a few swipes at Donald Trump and the other Republicans running for president. He said that their hateful rhetoric hasn’t helped America win any friends around the world.

“I hear about it everywhere,” Kerry said. “I think next year, the White House will be sending out a lot less Christmas cards.”

“Not if Donald Trump’s in, he’s going to send out only Christmas cards,” Kimmel joked. “There’ll be no happy holidays at all. The holidays will not be happy anymore.”

Check out the full interview above.