Here and Very Now: Letters To Cleo Is Back

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Letters to Cleo

Letters to Cleo / Publicity photo by Justine Ungaro

Earlier this month we were treated to reunion news from Belly. Now it seems Letters To Cleo are getting back in the game as well.

The Boston alt-rock band, which had a hit with 1993’s “Here & Now” and found a renewed fan interest via television show Parks & Recreation, appears to be reuniting.

Drummer Stacy Jones tweeted out the news late Wednesday afternoon, declaring Letters To Cleo a “current” band” and promising new tunes, as well.

“This is my old band Letters to Cleo,” Jones just tweeted, with the photo below. “It is also my current band. New music coming soon!”

The tweet was then re-tweeted by guitarist Michael Eisenstein and singer Kay Hanley, who then tweeted out a photo of Parks & Recreation character Ben Wyatt wearing a Letters To Cleo shirt.

Got all that? Good.

Letters To Cleo were active from 1990 to 2000, appearing in the film 10 Things I Hate About You (which holds up remarkably well, we might add) and releasing three studio albums. They reunited in late 2007 when four original members played T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge for a Jeanne Connolly benefit show, and played a handful of live dates in 2009.

We’ll be posting more information as it develops.

This is my old band Letters to Cleo. It is also my current band. New music coming soon! #Letterstocleo

— Stacy Jones (@StacyGlenJones) February 17, 2016

Ben Wyatt knows…

— Kay Hanley (@kayhanley) February 17, 2016

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