Revealed on Tumblr: Every Album Is Aerosmith

Live in a world where there is nothing but 'Sweet Emotion.' —Michael Marotta

This post originally appeared on Vanyaland.

Every Album Is Aerosmith archive

Every Album Is Aerosmith archive / Via Tumblr

During Monday night’s Grammys telecast, there was a sudden jolt of Aerosmith jumping out of our television screens. It happened towards the end of the awards show broadcast, and it was bizarre: First, guitarist Joe Perry was up on stage performing with Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Duff McKagan as part of Hollywood Vampires, and then, shortly afterwards, a Skittles commercial featuring frontman Steven Tyler blared through our screens (we don’t know if that was the case nationally, but we’re pretty sure happened here in Boston).

It was a true reminder that while Aerosmith haven’t released a studio album since 2012’s Music from Another Dimension!, the iconic Boston rock band is still everywhere.

Now, a bizarre new Tumblr page imagines a world where Aerosmith is not only everywhere, but is actually every single band ever. Or, at least, every album is an Aerosmith album.

Titled simply “Every Album Is Aerosmith,” the page features new and classic album artwork, but with the originator’s names replaced by Aerosmith’s, and every album title replaced with Sweet Emotion. Now, as A.V. Club points out, Aerosmith never actually released an album called Sweet Emotion—the single was their first-ever Top 40 back in 1975 and featured on breakthrough record Toys In The Attic.

“This is how I spend free time and it is sad,” the Tumblr’s creator says in response to an anonymous question from a reader.

But Aerosmith replacing the works of Kanye West, Rage Against The Machine, Depeche Mode, Battles, Beach House, Bad Brains, and a seemingly endless amount of others?

Definitely not sad. It’s tastier than a rainbow.